Welcome to my Website Thingy

I’m Jcbug, and I guess I’ll just use this place to put down whatever weird shit I’m into at the moment. I obsess over quite a few things. Furry stuff, which is self explainable, I can’t draw but I really like animation, especially AMVs and stuff like that because edgy 13 year old. I’m also slightly possibly maybe obsessed with music, i'm into jazz and i got a ton of it on vinyl, mostly consisting of Miles Davis and John Coltrane cause they're amazing. Video games are a hobby of mine too, I play stuff like smash bros all the time, and I like basically any nintendo game. Currently my site’s really barren, I’m working on making it less depressing though.

Contact me or Something

I'm mostly active on discord, if you ever wanna talk there.


You can also find me on AIM pheonix, although I'm only on there every once and a while.

Username: Jcbug