A Rant on Self-Deprecating Humour - Dec 8th 2018

Let me just get down into the meat of this, self-deprecating humour keeps you from making actual content. You’ve all seen those sites with about three pages, most of them just guestbooks and the usual. While looking at sites like these I always seem to find a trend, the majority of what these people are writing is just putting themselves down for being idiots. We get it, your site’s garbage, and you can’t write for shit. But why not actually try to improve?

I’ve gone through this a lot myself. The majority of my old sites were filled with “welcome to the worst site ever” kind of bullshit, and every single one of those sites only had up to 3 pages. As soon as I stopped using that kind of comedy I’ve realized that creating stuff is actually fun. Sure, my site is still full of bugs and needs a lot of tweaking, but that’s the fun of it. Insulting yourself over and over just takes out all of the fun of making things, it feels more like a chore than an actual hobby.

Self-deprecating humour seems to stop any drive to create from my experience, cause if you’re site is shit, why even try? In my opinion there would be so many more interesting sites if people ditched this way about talking about themselves. Yes, people might talk this way about you, but they’re either trying to get a reaction out of you or it’s just the truth. Without trying to rant for too long, Self-deprecating humour is a huge reason to why people never seem to create more than two pages on this service. Trust me, creating becomes much more enjoyable once you actually think of yourself better and start trying.